take time to enjoy the smaller things in life

I guess there are times in life where crap is just overwhelming and everything is just bitter with hate.

“Damn you haters!”

Its interesting to see how everything is interconnected to one another. A colleague dropped a bomb when she tendered her resignation in 24 hours. Going beyond the normal expectancy of resignation threats.

Word spread like wildfire and now she has become the talk of the office.

Her root cause for resignation to me was the accumulated stress she acquired while working and that she didn’t manage it properly. Adding salt to wound was the not so helpful superior.

I guess there will be an investigation soon and ill probably be interviewed. Still


which path should I follow, “the truth shall set you free” approach seems unrealistic.

‘never take work too seriously..

That’s what I say, and take time off to enjoy life as it is..

What’s the point working your ass off when the company can easily label you as expendable the moment they deem you unworthy.

Peace to the world!


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