timelapse #1

so i decided to try a lil something called timelapse.. basically its taking a series of photographs over a period of time (with delay between photo’s) and compiling it together as a video.

by this you would get like a video of sunrise and sunset within say 1-2 minutes only.

i used Nikon’s Capture software hooked up to my d90 via USB cable and key-ed in the settings; Nikon Capture already has a timelapse feature so its as easy as ABC ! 😀

10 seconds jee..
first attempt isnt the greatest, i’d reckon if i didnt set the camera to Aperture Priority i’d get a more contrasty effect as the sun sets.

270 pictures merged with 6 seconds interval between shots.
Used Sony Vegas to render;
– pictures to avi format
– avi – speed up / increase video velocity (framerate)
*possible to simplify process but so far used 2 other smaller timelapse program and failed.


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