timelapse #2

this is my second attempt at doing timelapse on 28 jan 2011 from 6-7.40pm.

set up my equipment (d90 + laptop) on a desk and used a paper calendar + box as a tripod for the camera.

6 seconds interval with Aperture priority mode on the camera.

the outcome was acceptable, however some improvements to be done are;

– use a tripod (shutter open-close caused the camera to shake up and down.. noticeable !! arghh!! )
– avoid using Aperture Priority and stick to manual, to increase the light to dusk effect (shutter transitioned from 1/2000th of a second to 13 seconds in the last frame, causing the picture to be much brighter compared to actual)
– take note of potential reflection from office windows (best to make the timelapse without any barrier between the subject and camera)

anyhow, the 2nd trial worked well but after googling i realized that if someone is serious about doing timelapse; investing in a trigger timer (phottix has one) is the best option and it really isnt that expensive either (rm200 + or less than $100 dollars).

lastly, hope you’ve enjoyed the video..

tata !


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