timelapsing in the office

so yea, last week i was still in my timelapse fanatic phase which itched my hand for me to do a timelapse in klcc (refer timelapse #2)

mind you it was a tiring task definitely as i had to lug 2 laptops (1 office 1 personal) and my camera + cables etc. i had to use my personal laptop to do the timelapse as my office laptop didn’t have Nikon Camera Control Pro software.

being professional, i waited till it was after office hours to actually start the timelapse. people in the office knew about my hobby of taking photo’s so this wasn’t exactly the first time i decided to bring out my big gun(dslr ok, no naughty thoughts please). but this time around it was slightly different as there was a PC and cable involved. not to mention the need for a good angle and power supply (for the laptop).

so in the end i decided to take over and reign terror in a recently vacant senior manager’s office.

yarrrrr!!! non may stand between experimental photography and meeee!! yarrrr!!!’

looking for the perfect angle was definitely a task and the mirror reflection made it even more difficult. finally i found a good spot and placed my camera and hooked up my laptop.

after taking a good 30 minutes worth of shots, i realize that i wasn’t getting the best angle possible as the sun sets on the other side of the building.

‘demit.. -_-‘

after exploring possible ‘sites’ i managed to get hold of another recently vacant office.

‘double yarrrrrr!!’

using a paper calendar (which i later regret) as the leverage to angle the camera, i presumed i now have my ‘KILLER’ shot to make the jizz worthy timelapse.

almost 2 and half hours later..

‘omfg! reflection from the office lightsss!!! noOOoOOoOooOooOOOoooooooooooo!!’

quickly i looked for paper clips and dark colored cloth to cover the reflection which by this time was moreless too late..



as the clock hits 8pm i decided to call it a day and go back home.

only to realize later that night (after a good 2 hours setting and rendering the video);

the shutter opening-and-closing caused the camera to shake.


double FAIL!

okay end. blagh. least the fisheye pictures looks interesting. blagh blagh blaaaaghhhhh!


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