cashless for the day

Yesterday I accidentally left my wallet at home and only realized what was missing when I reached the LRT. Thankfully my sister was around to loan me some cash for the day.

It felt different knowing that your cashless and heading into the heart of the city.

In actual I just need some money for lunch and for the train back. But the insecurity feeling was just lingering there.

For that, I’m glad and thankful to god for all he’s blessed me with. A nice house to live in, a job which pays decent, a secure life without much worries (like cairo or something) and hopefully I’ll be able to provide for my wife and children the same security ..

Now off to work.. ZzzzZZZ.. -_-”


2 thoughts on “cashless for the day

  1. hahah… im cashless for every day bro, salary still pending till now… imagine how im feeling without any cash in the wallet.. 🙂

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