point of no return

A shift of power brings a shift of change. Each ruler eager to portray ones strength and ideology. Seeing only the positive side of ones thought and not the negative.

Forgetting that each decision will effect someone like Newton law; ‘energy can never be destroyed only transferred’

When there is a bad energy going about then there will always be a bad consequence.

I’ve always held on the belief of ‘what goes around comes, comes around’.

But its different now, politics rule the world and hardcore ass licking has been the maincourse for a long time.

Where do one start to retaliate and revolt?, too soon and suffer premature emotionally driven consequences or too late and die of prolonged demotivation and stress.

A wave of change will begin soon and like the tsunami, only god knows what’s coming up next.

I guess with the current hairstyle I should be hardcore. ;p


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