the new fascination

so this year i had this resolution of learning new things. one of which was to learn how to swim. yepyep i’s didnt’s know’s how’s to’s swim’s till of late.. so i enrolled for some classes (12 to be exact) and after 3 classes i was good to go.

with 2 more classes to go, i’ve learnt how to swim breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and will be finishing off my last 2 sessions with butterfly.

it has been liberating and i’s has to admits.. i likes tos swims.. hehe šŸ™‚

making it a habit to wake up early every saturday and sunday for my weekly swim. saturday’s at my sister’s condo and sunday’s for my sessions i’ normally flat out by noon but i enjoy the fatigue feel of the body as a whole and not just at the legs which i’m used too from jogging and footie.

me being me, the pictures you see above are the combination of both my new found love/addiction and obsession/passion to photography. taken with a fisheye lens on timer mode.

yes my camera did get wet from all the splashes and i had to wipe all the water away.. hehe anyways.. toodles!

tomorrow KL marathon 10km!


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