Std Chrtrd KL Marathon 2011 – 10km

today i ran my first marathon – 10km to be precise and it was just exhilarating.

though it wasnt my greatest run – i started walking after almost hitting 4km. it was a different ball game cus you had to pace yourself and manage the traffic of people which tends to lead to alot of start/stops along the way. so your pace will definitely be affected.

i started clocking on my nike+ from the start of the gun which you can observe the incline at the start of the run. noticeably starting from the 5km mark you can see i’ve started walking alot. haha. there was defintely alot of walk and jog switch. 😀

the route going uphill was a real challenge and your mental strength needs to be strong apart from physically able. the last km was the most interesting, it was the most difficult and joyful moment .. i was already seeing black and white grains in my last 50 steps before the finishing line.

after all that.. this is what you get.. everyone gets it so long as you finish the race .. but as a first .. you can bet for more entries after this ! 🙂


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