meet optimus and the ultra’s

Kiddies being adorable.

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niece’s birthday

friday was my niece’s birthday. she turned 9 and already growing up so fast. yesterday i was browsing through my folders for pictures back in 2006/07 and she was so small then.

birthday girl is bored hence plays with psp..

the customary birthday song

but as always, there is always a busybody in a form of the younger sibling who wants constant attention..

as though its her birthday.. ;p

much loved non the less..

but bigger brother wasnt too keen on anything..
okay maybe just karate chops

so i taught the youngest to be a camwhore ;p mwhahahaha


Book – One Summer, David Baldacci

I downloaded my first ebook 2 weeks back and downloaded it on my galaxytab for my reading material whilst going to work via LRT.

After about 2 weeks I was done with it and I can say reading via tab is quite handy. The size is just about the size of a average novel which makes it real helpful.

The book itself is an interesting and heart-touching read.

My choice of books has always been fiction/sci-fi/fantasy. Perhaps it was a guy thing for choosing such genre. But I always didnt find biographies interesting no matter how famous that person is.

Even books with heavy dosages of historical truth isnt my cup of tea(very much the opposite of my wife)

Coming back to the book, Ive read a few books by David Baldacci which are mostly about spies, conspiracies, murders and the likes. However this time his book was more of a love/family/recovery book. Surprisingly i thoroughly enjoyed how he sequenced the plots and though a cliche/expected ending, the book was a page turner.

There were parts of the book where my mantears almost escaped me as it was such a devastating scene.

But i did manage to compose myself as i was reading it in the LRT.

Anyways will be starting a new book soon.

Will try to update more often as well. Hehe